Mara Akil Blogs + Change The Game Campaign

March 26, 2015

Rumors about the hit series “The Game” being canceled has sparked some attention. Cast members want people to know that the rumors are NOT true and have launched a campaign to “Change The Game“.

I confess I don't watch the show faithfully, only because I don't watch TV that often, but the few times I have watched it I found it to be pretty entertaining.

I had an emotional moment when I first heard the rumor, especially after just last week I was reading Mara Brock Akil's (the shows creator) blog.  She blogged about how hard it is being a black woman in the industry and how she says that she's back and stronger than ever since her last successful television series which includes one of my favorites “Girlfriends”.

She says, “On the one hand I am truly thankful for the blessing of opportunity, but on the other, I’m mad, frustrated and disappointed that my veteran experience, which includes running “Girlfriends” and “The Game” for two years at the same time, doesn’t equal a cushy overall development deal somewhere, like my white male and sometimes female counterparts seem to land even in this time of economic crisis.  Somehow, because my characters were of color, my shows don’t count as much.  Doesn’t matter that at one point “Girlfriends” was the longest running comedy on television.  Successfully producing 236 episodes (172 episodes of “Girlfriends” plus 64 episodes of “The Game”) of television doesn’t have as much value. But that is the plight of being black in this business.  That is the plight of being a woman in this business.  And so I rebelled.” says Mara (read more)

The following video are cast members of the show who wish to eliminate any rumors about the show being canceled and give information about what viewers can do to help “Change The Game“.