A Message for Professionals: Don’t Be Scared To Get Paid

November 22, 2015

One of the hardest things to do in any business is set prices for your products or services. Some of the things we take into consideration are time spent, quality of work, and how competitive the products or services are. These days, for hairstylists, people can easily get the same services you provide for half the cost. However, when you’ve spent countless hours working your craft and gaining the credentials necessary to stand on a professional platform, you’ve earned the right to separate yourself and your prices from the rest. We’re not talking about overcharging, but undercharging is a big, fat no no.

$50 for a full head of sewn-in weave? Aint nobody got time for that. Click To Tweet

Maurice Miller of PrimaDonna Hair Couture recently did a workshop on Beyond The Basics of Grooming, and advised new stylists to be firm about their prices, and don’t fret when someone asks what they are.

“Don’t be scared to tell somebody about your price. Your price is your price. Aint no more $65 for a relaxer, set, and style. That’s ridiculous…. If ya’ll charging that, ya’ll crazy. That’s too much time for $65. I could do two headsets in an hour, and I could get that. I could get $70. Quick and Fast. And they gone love it.”