When His Five Minutes Turns Into Five Hours

November 15, 2015

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you have plans for the night; hours pass by and your date is late, then you know how it feels to be held up. Sometimes even faked on. It’s not a good feeling. Your mind starts to wander from good to bad, with your positive energy turning negative. Soon your happy face turns into pouted lips, and before you know it you have an attitude. If he takes any longer, it’s all bad.

Beauty blogger Vikeejeah shares a story:

All dressed up with nowhere to go. Waiting for him in my fabulous frock, but he’s over an hour late…two hours…three…I need a drink.


I’ve checked my phone several times hoping for an “I’m sorry, baby. I’m on my way” text. Nothing. Could he have forgotten about me? Is he hurt? He’d better be hurt, or I’M going to hurt HIM!waiting-for-him-1

In moments like this, my usual overflowing confidence is reduced to a whisper in my subconscious. How is it that I could allow a man to shake my self esteem? Is it because I love him, or because I have a fragile ego? I shudder at the thought of the latter, which means it’s most likely the truth.


I just heard his keys in the door. He’d better have a daaaaaamn good explanation ready. My nails are stiletto sharp and my patience is shot to the wind. With a flip of my hair, I turn to face the door awaiting his presence… and I hope, for his sake, a present.

Now from a different angle, have you heard rapper Trina’s latest single Fuck Boy? (NSFW) Sighhh… The drama!

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