Missy Elliott’s Makeup Artist Shares Her Creations for WTF

November 14, 2015

The world went crazy yesterday with the comeback of Missy Elliott and the release of the visuals for her latest single WTF. Earlier we talked about her classic Adidas Originals wardrobe in the video, and today we have info on her makeup looks from her longtime makeup artist, Gloria Elias-Foeillet.

On the alley scene:
GloGlo said this was her chance to create pop art makeup she’s been wanting to do for a long time. “The blue lips in the dance sequence in the alley scene is a lip line called Cailyn Pure Luxe Lipsticks ($19 each). They come in really pigmented interesting colors. The female dancers have the same color on in that scene, too.”


On the two-face scene:
GloGlo said she “used MAC’s Acrylic Paints to paint the pop art Missy and the flip side Missy….we were calling them “Fun” Missy vs. “Hood” Missy.”


While no one in particular may be looking to get these makeup looks, it’s always fun to know where the ideas came from. The blue highlights in her hair and the style cut however, is another topic of discussion we hope to happen soon.