Music Break: Tisha Campbell ‘Lazy B*tch’ (This Aint Gina)

February 24, 2016

Singer/Actress Tisha Campbell is trying to get things started with her new single titled ‘Lazy B*tch (This Aint Gina).

I’m not really sure where she’s trying to go with this, but while trying to understand the lyrics to the song, lets just assume she means she’s spoiled and she doesn’t have to work that hard. Don’t confuse her. “Hashtag this, ‘#imalazybitch.” #shrugs

On a side note, her custom, brand awareness Credit Suisse tee is making a nice financial statement.

“Real thing cost, but you can’t afford it… I’m a lazy b*tch, lazy b*tch, lazy b*tch…”


  • Billy D Ways

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