Naked Body Scanners To Become Routine for ALL Airports

April 23, 2009

After a failed security system resulted in a near successful terrorist attempt to bomb a U.S. airline on Christmas day, the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association (LAAPOA) on Monday stressed the urgent need to quickly adopt body scanners on a large scale to keep explosives off jetliners.

Marshall McClain, president of the association said airport security checkpoints “can no longer rely on metal detectors as the primary screening technology because al-Qaida operatives have turned to using devices with little or no metal.”

LAX is one of the 19 airports currently using whole-body imagers, but the devices generally are deployed only after a passenger has been selected for secondary screening, McClain said. (read more)

Meanwhile, the UK has already gotten the green light, and effective as soon as practicable, all passengers boarding flights in UK airports will be required to pass through the naked body scanner, and show airport personnel what they're working with by displaying all their most valuable assets!