Now Playing: New Music from Conya Doss “What About Me and You”

June 15, 2013

R&B soul /jazz singer Conya Doss brings more mind soothing music with her newly released single “What About You and Me,” ft. Chris McNeal off her latest album “A Pocket Full of Purpose.” Check it out below.

A Pocketful of Purpose reveals a modern spin on vintage sound, seamlessly infusing Doss' music with an eclectic blend of soul, blues, rock, jazz, and R&B. Doss has built a solid reputation over the years as the modern benchmark for indie female soul, and her LP is a testament to that. Commenting on being labeled a Neo-Soul artist, Doss quips back, “If they want to label me in the Neo-Soul movement they can, but to me this soul music is nothing new.”

With beauty, grace, and confidence, Conya Doss has composed an 11-song compilation with A Pocketful of Purpose. The skillful arrangement of horns, strings, and piano riffs suit her finely crafted lyrics about love, life and pursuing your dreams. The lead “Don’t Change” was a smooth, mid-tempo flow that syndicated radio host Michael Baisden deemed an “instant classic.” The simple yet highly effective “Just Me” finds the songbird’s breezy voice twisting through candid sentiments of a young woman who is comfortable in her own skin, while “Where Do We Go From Here” provides imaginative songwriting with an engagingly conversational feel over a Conga-influence d beat. Renowned producers Frank McComb, Myron Davis, and Rodney Jones serve as the main conductors on the album along with newcomer Dre King.