Now Showing: Book Promo for “Call Tryone: Why Black Women Should Remain Single Or…”

March 5, 2012

In a new book titled “Call Tryone: Why Black Women Should Remain Single Or…,” Pastor Jomo K. Johnson offers up some alternatives for black women seeking relationships, when statistically there is a huge shortage of men. Two of his suggestions are turn to God and remain single, or date outside your race.

You're probably thinking Call Tryone? That sounds like an Erykah Badu song, and you are right. “I think that song has really drawn out a lot of issues that need to be brought out,” Pastor Johnson told The Christian Post. “So when I was thinking of a title I was playing with a couple things in my head, thinking about what might catch, and that immediately came to my mind. In that song she addresses some of the issues, some of the difficulties that the character in the song has found in relationships. So I thought that'd be a good catch point, that women would recognize the premise of that song. The song is the catchphrase for the title of the book.”