#nowplaying – Syleena Johnson 'Maury Povich' LIVE

March 5, 2011

'Maury Povich' was written by Johnson after the show became her guilty pleasure.  It's a track off of her new CD, 'Chapter 4: Labor Pains' from her very own label, Aneelys Records.

Unbeknownst to her then, the talk show host himself would fall in love with the song and invite her on the show to sing it live.

Maury Povich's producer said he played the song over and over again in his office for days when they received it,” said Johnson.

She flew to New York City in February to tape her appearance on the show, which aired on Thursday Feb. 12.

The best part was his face when I sang it and the fact that he was so honored! I was honored that he was honored! It was an awesome experience,” she shared, before adding: “I was so proud because I wrote it, all by myself.”

The popularity of the tune, which deals with baby momma drama synonymous with topics from the long-running talk show, has folks wondering if it will be the next single from CD.  source