Oprah's Mom Vernita Lee's Credit/Collection Issues With Valentina

October 5, 2015

Oprah Winfrey's mom Vernita Lee apparently has issues with Valentina, a high-end clothing store in Brookfield, Wisconsin.  In 2002 Ms. Lee settled a $175,000 debt with the company just for them to turn around and extend her another $156,000 line of credit which she feels she shouldn't have to repay.

Earlier this month the company filed a suit against Ms. Lee in an effort to collect on the money they say she owes them.

The civil complaint says Vernita Lee of Milwaukee owed Valentina nearly $156,000 for purchases and interest as of July 1st and has failed to make the monthly minimum payment of $2,000.

Store attorney Joseph Niebler Sr. says his client tried to resolve the matter with Lee before filing the lawsuit in Waukesha County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit says Lee told store officials she doesn't think she owes the money. Reached by telephone, Lee declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Valentina co-owner Tony Chirchirillo says a $150,000 bill isn't unusual for a client with a full calendar of social events.

Vernita Lee responds with a counterclaim contending that Valentina took advantage of her “lack of knowledge, ability, and-or capacity” when creating her credit account.

She states that the company should not have extended her the line of credit and that she should not have to pay it back.

source: The Associated Press