Perfect Combination + A Pitiful Excuse for A Black Man

July 6, 2014

I stumbled across this movie, “Perfect Combination,” when I somehow managed to land on one of the pages of The Leroy Radio Show.

It's unfortunate that Leroy, a black man seems to find it necessary to boycott black women and promote the white woman because he feels black women are hazardous to your health.

He uses the characters in this film as an example of why black men should just give up and get them a white woman.

Men like Leroy have major issues, and while some men won't admit it, Leroy does so through his youtube videos. After listening to just one of his rants, I can only image one of his problems is with the way he talks — like his breath stank.

As far as the movie, I wanna see it because it looks pretty good and entertaining.

What I don't understand is how anybody could bring race into the equation just because they're having a difficult time trying to find a compatible mate that meets their needs. Lose the insecurity, that might help.