PSA: We Are The Generation of Smartphones and Dumb People!

March 14, 2012

Isn't it crazy how technology and the use of smartphones has made people less re-liant over the years? I can't even count the times I look around, only to see people looking down — in-tuned with talking on, or keying into their phones.

Not only have smartphones become a necessity for people and their day-to-day living, they are taking lives daily. Thousands of pedestrians each year sustain serious injuries while walking and texting. In California alone since last year, there have been at least three people killed by trains who authorities believe were texting or using their cellphones in some manner when they walked into the path of a locomotive. The number of people seriously injured or killed while texting and driving is just as high, if not higher.

Although the following video produced by one of my favorite youtube comedians shares a sense of humor, it delivers a very good message that so many people (including myself) need to take a bit more serious. “Log Off,” and pay attention to your surroundings!!!