Rihanna & Chris Brown – RZA 'Domestic Violence'

March 9, 2009

With all the drama going on with Rihanna and Chris Brown's domestic violence literally everywhere you turn to the net, I seriously have a headache not knowing who's side to take. Mainly because I don't know the whole story. I've never been one to side with one person not knowing the whole truth.  But, what I can say is that I do feel for Rihanna because no one should have to suffer physical OR mental abuse.

The question is, who's at fault? It's easy to blame a man for domestic abuse because most feel as though the man should be the one to walk away. But I've known women (including myself) who have pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed to the point where a person ANY PERSON can only take so much.  For all we know Rihanna may have clocked him. In my opinion, it works BOTH ways. So really, I don't know in this situation because again nobody has the real story.  We haven't heard a thing from neither Chris or Rihanna.

HOWEVER, things are getting uglier and uglier.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Rihanna's injuries were severe — two “huge contusions” which swelled up on both sides of her forehead. We're told she also suffered “a bloody lip and nose.

One of the law enforcement people put it this way — the contusions “look like an MMA fighter or something … [It] looked like she was growing devil's horns.”

We've also heard that Rihanna may have suffered bite wounds on one of her legs and arms, however, one source close to the situation tells us he doubts that is the case.

Chris Brown has been booked on a felony criminal threats charge. If the D.A. files the case, domestic violence charges could be added.

One thing I do know for certain, regardless how things turn out between Chris and Rihanna and what the outcome is going to be for Chris Brown, people are going to wake up and realize that Domestic Violence is SERIOUS and even more so now than it has ever been.  I'm almost certain that law enforcement will make that very clear in the coming days.

The following is just a crazy video that I came across on Domestic Violence. SMH and speechless at how real it is.