Say Cheese! Backstage with Mo'Nique at Critics Choice Awards

October 4, 2013

It doesn't look like Mo'Nique was one bit phased by any “alleged” criticism for her not attending the film festivals to help support the movie “Precious” based on the novel “Push,” by Sapphire. She proudly accepted her award for the film's Best Supporting Actress last night at the Critics Choice Awards. “Yes Baby,” says Mo'Nique cheesing into the camera.

When asked about backlash in the black community, Mo'Nique responds:

“There was backlash in the black community? I didn't know nothing about that brotha (sarcasm). Did you see the numbers at the box office the first two weekends? That had a lot to do with the black community…. I think the black community was really satisfied. I think the white community, the Asian community; I think the world as a whole was satisfied with this movie. Now just think about it, with half those people, you can't never please everybody, can you? So, I think this movie in a whole, people were really satisfied. Thank you brotha.”

When asked who was she wearing, Mo'Nique responds:

“I'm wearing face by Sam Fine, I'm wearing hair by Leah Park, I'm wearing my gown by Carmen…. Everybody gets their shine on with me baby.”