Sean Combs – If I Were King

August 13, 2009

The Sean Combs “If I Were King” behind-the-scenes special which aired yesterday 4/9/2008 on MTV offers an inside look at Combs' preparation of his fall 2008 collection for New York Fashion Week, his first runway show in five years. It also marked the Sean John label's 10-year anniversary.

Combs opens back up a can of worms about blacks on the cats in his documentary stating that, “It's something that I feel really strongly about, that black models are not really getting a fair shot,” said Combs. “That's why I decided to do an all-black cast for my show.” He also states that, “the Sean John line is not just hip-hop or urban, but for all colors and races. It's really for today's man.  It's an aspirational lifestyle line.”

Preparations for the fashion show began six months in advance, and some days Combs said he'd spend almost 22 hours working on his designs, collecting fabrics and even hearing messages from God.  “I'd walk down the street and I'd see hats or full-length coats, and when you're in that mode, you think everything coming to you is God sending you a message, but he's really not even talking to you,” Combs said. “You're just going crazy.”