Spring Trends to Adopt Right Away

February 19, 2016

The groundhog did not see his shadow this year, which is good enough reason for us to believe that spring will come early this year. Of course, the endless hoping and wishing might play into our realities, but if you give us a bone (or a groundhog), we’re going to take it and run.

With that being said, it’s time to start shifting the winter freeze away from our wardrobes and mindsets. March is just around the corner, and even the calendar says that spring begins mid-March. So with all due respect to the groundhog and the calendar, we are officially transitioning into spring. And with spring weather comes a spring wardrobe, which is never too early to begin building—especially when repeat outfits are a total Instagram no-no.

For your spring style, get ahead on the trends and start scoping them out. To help you in your search, I decided to get you started with these five spring trends you need in your closet yesterday. You’re welcome!

1. Off-The-Shoulder

Give the “cold shoulder” this spring with one of the hottest trends of the season. Featuring cut-outs where sleeves would normally cover the shoulders, the off-the-shoulder trend took spring/summer runways by storm. To put an extra festive twist on it, Vogue chronicled Colombian designer Johanna Ortiz’s collection, which flaunts a flirty Latin flair complete with ruffled sleeves and other fiesta-ready details.


2. Crochet

There’s something about the hippy-dippy vide of crochet pieces that will never truly leave the fashion scene. They’re airy, carefree, and embody everything that we love about spring. That’s probably why WomanWithin is showcasing a cool crochet cover-up that could possibly pass as a tunic—that, and the fact that swimwear and ready-to-wear are crossing over big-time in recent seasons.


3. Slip Dresses

What’s not to love about an ensemble you can wear to bed and out to drinks? The sensual slip dress is the ultimate garment this spring, as told by Fashionista, who pictured the look on Calvin Klein’s runway. And the best part about this trend is its versatility. Depending on your sense of style, some woman pair it with sneakers whereas others pump it up with heels.


4. Graphic Stripes

If you’re wondering what patterns to keep an eye out for this season, prepare for a punchy color scheme and bold lines. Strong stripes are trending this spring, in primary red, blue, and yellow, with doses of bright white and other basic hues. Like Harper’s Bazaar suggests, “Let bold, graphic lines energize even the most basic bag.” Boring accessories needn’t be boring anymore.


5. Floral

To accompany the striped style, the perennial pattern for spring, floral, is predictably a big contender on the trend scape. It gets an update this year, though—or should I say, an anti-update? Florals for this season are flashing back to vintage days with romantic flowered prints and the modest cuts to match. Think folklore meets Old World, and you’re on track for fresh threads for the sunny seasons.