Tears of Blood: A Blessing and a Curse Without Warning

May 22, 2011

What is it that would make a person cry tears of blood? And is there a cure?  That's what the mother of Calvino Inman (a Rockwood teen) wants to know.

Calvino Inman, a 15 year old boy says without warning his eyes start bleeding at-least 3 times a day.  This would make the second case of someone crying tears of blood within a short period of time.  The first was reported back in April, 2009 with a young Indian girl – who has now become a holy shrine in India where worshipers come out to watch her cry.

“Sometimes, I can feel it coming up, like a tear. I feel my eyes watering.  Sometimes, it will burn as it comes out,” says Calvino.

While searching for some sort of explanation, you may come across everything from the possibility that the two could be vampires – they also cry tears of blood, but we all know that's pretty far fetched.  At-least we hope.

In 2005, a statue of the Virgin Mary was seen crying blood, but no one has given an explanation as to why.  Many feel that it could only be a blessing in disguise.

Another possibility could be a rare medical condition called Haemoloacria, whereby a person produces tears which are partially composed of blood. This can manifest as anything from red-tinged tears to those which appear to be entirely blood.

The problem is that no one really knows, doctors are baffled, and as a result frustration is building up for Calvin and his family.

Tammy Mynatt, Calvino's mother says, “More than anything, I just truly want somebody to say they've seen this and they can help us. I don't care where we have to travel. I will go wherever we need to go. I will do whatever I have to do. I just please want somebody to help my baby. That's all.”