The 50 Million Pound Challenge

October 5, 2015

performs in Centennial Olympic Park on July 21, 2007 in Atlanta Georgia as part of Dr. Ian Smith's "An Event to Change Your Life" Hosted by Steve Harvey.The 50 Million Pound Challenge provides vast information related to dieting, healthy eating habits, and balanced meals. The program shares some of Dr. Ian’s simple tips and guidelines for eating healthy. He points out that it does not require drastic changes to your diet, just smart replacements for some of the more unhealthy items, as well as smarter portion control. A daily, weekly or monthly eating and shopping guide gives you all you need to start taking off the pounds the right way.

The 50 Million Pound Challenge also provides information about exercise, anything from simple walking to jumping rope. You should commit to some cardio exercise 3 times a week, about half an hour each session, and steadily increase that to 5 times a week for 40 minute sessions. You’re advised to go more slowly if necessary, as long as you keep a consistent schedule that you’re comfortable with. Try to make two days a week focus on strength training, in half hour sessions.

My chosen exercises for this challenge (I think) will be my own attempt at belly dancing, a whole lot of the homey twist and a little bit of jump rope 😉

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