The Gift of Giving: Homeless Man Cashes Out Big For Returning Diamond Ring

October 5, 2015

Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man from Missouri, is reaping the benefits for doing the right thing by returning a diamond ring to its owner. According to some reports, the ring was only worth $20,000; but, the owner, Sarah Darling, was so grateful to have the ring again that she has managed to raise more than $124,000 to thank Billy Ray Harris for his good deed.

“I'm not sure of how you ended up in your situation, but after what I witnessed you do, I am most definitely sure that you are a honest man with a good heart,” wrote a donor of $1,000 on Harris' GiveForward page.

Darling has kept in touch with Harris and still tells others how much she's inspired by the homeless man in Kansas City. “Words cannot express how it feels to be a part of something like this,” added her husband on the GiveForward page. But Harris, the grandson of a reverend who raised him, says returning the ring was no big deal: “What I actually feel like is, what has the world come to when a person who returns something that doesn't belong to him and all this happens?”