The Natural Way To A Smooth Pretty Bikini Kitty

October 5, 2015

Ingrown hair is common in African American males and in men with curly, thick hair.

In women, this problem is present as ingrown leg hair or ingrown pubic hair around the bikini area.

I was really pleased to receive in the mail a very cute Bikini Kitty Clean Up Kit to try, and it’s true that I’m just a sucker for new and interesting beauty products in pretty packages because I can never seem to get enough.

The Bikini Kitty Kit is a 5-piece set of all natural products that guide you to a smooth bikini line by eliminating ingrown hair. The kit comes in a nice plastic bag with handles and includes:

Bikini Kitty Body Brush (Stimulate cell turn-over, eliminate potential Ingrown Hair with effective Physical Exfoliation)

Bikini Kitty Everyday Magic Spray (Eliminate and prevent Ingrown Hair with effective Derma Exfoliation)

Bikini Kitty Smooth Shave Gel (Bikini Kitty’s Smooth Shave Gel will help you shave to eliminate ingrown hair and irritation. It was formulated with the goal of trapping moisture in the hair shaft to make shaving a smooth and irritation free process. Aloe and Wheat buffer skin on the most delicate of areas. This protein softening gel will keep the course hair of bikini area and underarms soft and easy to cut. Real cucumber de-puffs the skin for a close and comfortable shave.

Bikini Kitty No Nick Razor Oil (A combination of Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Meadowfoam, Cranberry Oil, Rosemary and Neem, Bikini Kitty’s No-Nick Blade Oil will provide the slip you need to easily cut hair and not scrape off skin.)

Single Blade Razor Blades and Important tips for preventing ingrown hairs!


“Be a smooth Bikini Kitty – No Bumps. No irritation. Only natural extracts and paraben free skin care for your delicate areas! Our natural essential oils are organic. We strive to offer you the latest in effective and safe skin care. Bikini Kitty is the DIY way to a smooth Bikini line and THE way to prevent and eliminate ingrown hair!”

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