Transformations of A Video Vixen: Buffie The Body Then and Now

October 5, 2015

Buffie The Body, real name Buffie Carruth, was a name that spread across the hip hop industry like wildfire back in early 2000, and has since toned down. The once video model famous for her curvacious body has come a long way from entertaining male fans interested in her physique to becoming a full time fitness guru, and completely removing herself from the hip hop spotlight.

Now at 34-years-old, Buffie The Body attracts a much broader audience interested in health and fitness. With her fast-growing number of Youtube exercise videos, and other health related information which she shares through her website, Buffie has made a full transition into personal training. She recently made it official by becoming certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), one of the most recognized personal trainer certifications you can obtain.

Celebrating her 100th Youtube fitness video upload, Buffie took a break from exercise to introduce herself to those who may not have known her as a video model. In the video, she goes in depth about how she got her name, problems, as well as success she incurred throughout her career, why she left the hip hop industry, where she is in her life now, and for the last time ever, she also talks about whether or not her butt is real or fake.

Her video (shown below) is interesting because she touches on both the positive side and the negative side of being a video model, and probably more importantly where the industry stands today, compared to what it use to be. So, if you’re into that type of modeling and lifestyle, take notes.