VelaShape (Non-Surgical) Cellulite Removal

May 29, 2014

VelaShape is the first FDA-approved, class II nonsurgical device cleared for treating cellulite. It combines radio frequency and light energy with mechanical and vacuum tissue massage to increase lymphatic drainage and accelerate the use of stored fat.

VelaShape warms the deep tissue and it suctions and massages it as it uses radio-frequency and infrared light.” The heat from the process causes the body to metabolize the fat faster, so when you exercise your body will target that area. And that's the other thing. Exercising and eating healthy will help you see results from Velashape faster, and maintain them longer.

In order to be a candidate you must have a BMI, or body mass index, of less than 30. At the Body Enhancement Center in Sioux City you can get 6 treatments for $2,000. It will take about 4 treatments to achieve the look you want, and then you'll need maintenance treatments every four months.

Kim Kardashian Gets Her Cellulite Removed Using VelaShape