When Is A Good Time To Talk Money With Your Partner?

December 19, 2015

Some say it should never be about money in relationships, and maybe that’s true. However, in reality money plays a huge part in everything, and it’s sometimes a pretty hard topic to tackle with your significant other. Experts claim it’s usually a crisis that gets a couple to enter the money talk (overdrawn accounts, credit cards over the limit, etc.) – And they’re correct in adding that by this time it’s usually too late for a sensible discussion.

So when is the right time to start talking money and exchanging funds with your significant other?

Whatever your thoughts, mint.com (where they believe that money is for living) says when you’re ready to tackle this highly important but sensitive subject, just follow the three simple tips below:

– Start with your mistakes: Translation: Just cry and give a sad story.
– Focus on the “why,” not the “why not” : Translation: If the answer is no, just beg.
– Don’t let other topics creep in: Translation: Let ’em know you’re serious. Stay focused.

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