Words From Thy Black Man on Respecting Black Mothers

July 14, 2015

From Thy Black Man: “As “Mothers’ Day” 2011 approaches, it is not only fitting, but also quite necessary to acknowledge, salute, encourage support and demand respect for all Black mothers across the world. African mothers gave birth to human civilizations. Black mothers are the original mothers….

“If it were not for our mothers, there would be no worldwide struggle for freedom, justice, equality and empowerment. All of the great struggles for liberation and for the ending of centuries of African slavery were inspired and motivated by the courage and strategic tenacity of African mothers who gave birth to men and women who became freedom fighters. In 2011, this is still the case. Black mothers, there-fore as a matter of principle, must be acknowledged for their collective spirit and determination to overcome oppression, societal hardship, disappointment, poverty, domestic violence and abuse, stress and a host of other maladies to still be able to remain the tireless source of rendering hundreds of millions of children daily love, care and upbringing in a world that is still too slow to change for the better.”